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My name is Joanna Lowry 


Joanna is our lead trainer and founder of Immunisation Education. Originally working in Emergency Medicine, Jo developed an interest in preventing Malaria, after caring for a number of patients who were very unwell after returning from travelling overseas. In 2002 she completed a Diploma in Tropical Nursing from The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. 

Joanna feels she has been very fortunate to specialize in Travel Health, helping people adventure all over the world and allowing her to work in London and for The Travel Doctor New Zealand. In 2005, alongside Dr Matthew Dryden, she set up Winchester Travel Health and managed the company until 2016 when Joanna sold the business and stepped back to spend more time with her young family. 

Joanna has worked in a range of clinical areas including GP practices, an independent boarding school, as a sexual health nurse and as a TB nurse specialist, so is fully aware of the specific challenges these roles demand.

Jo's passion is training and she finds it a pleasure to spark an interest in preventative health care and relating to each learner individually to further their knowledge. Joanna was honoured to previously work as an Associate Trainer for NATHNAC (Public Health England), providing Yellow Fever Immunisation Update Training nationally, and also provide training across the country for multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Joanna particularly enjoys teaching small groups of healthcare professionals, especially those who are new to travel health and wondering what this unusual specialism is all about, and where to start!


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My name is Cherry Brennan

RM BSc Midwifery (HONS) PG Cert Global Health and Wellbeing

Cherry Brennan is a registered Midwife, who qualified in 2004. She has worked in both community and hospital based teams, as well as managing maternity services. Cherry completed her PG Cert in Global Health and Well-Being in 2018 and has special interests in public health.

Cherry loves teaching and mentoring and is a regular faculty member on 'emergency skills' training and 'train the trainer' courses, for various maternity units and health charities. She was lucky enough to travel to Ethiopia to support a health charity in 2013 and this experience led to her becoming a faculty member on a teaching programme in London, which prepares Doctors and Surgeons for deployment to resource poor countries.
During the pandemic, Cherry has led as Matron one of the Mass Vaccination Centres, providing immunisations to over 1200 individuals a day.

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My name is Jane Bell 


Jane is a very experienced travel health specialist nurse. She is nationally recognised for her caring, knowledgeable and realistic approach to travel health care. 
Jane Bell has worked in travel medicine since 1996. In 2007 Jane set up her own independent travel clinic in Sussex, opening a second branch in 2013. In 2017 Jane sold the clinics to a large organisation and remains working as a Travel Clinic Nurse Specialist in the company. Jane completed the Certificate in Travel Health (ISTM) in 2016. She was admitted as a Member of the Faculty of Travel Medicine in 2016 and has been an examiner for the membership exam.

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My name is Emma Franklin 

SRN RSCN BSc Hons SCPHN (school nursing)

Emma is an experienced general and children’s nurse, with over 28 years working within immunisation.

After moving to Hampshire and starting a family, Emma worked within community school nursing, where her interest and skills in vaccination began. Emma qualified as a Specialist Public Health nurse (school nurse) in 2001 and continued to promote public health messages, alongside her role, as a Lead in the ever-changing, school’s immunisation programme. Emma has overseen the introduction of vaccines such as meningitis, HPV and Flu vaccines, as well as mass programmes of MMR and not forgetting of course, COVID.

In 2017, Emma was asked to improve immunisation uptake within hard-to-reach groups, along with helping to develop a stand-alone school-age immunisation service locally, for home educated children.

During recent years Emma has been largely involved in developing and assisting in the delivery of the training programme for new staff and has led the introduction of the successful, electronic consent system.

During the recent pandemic, she worked as a clinical supervisor in a mass vaccination centre, which is where she met Jo and shared her passion for good, practical immunisation training.

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