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Personalised Training

We are a group of registered Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) who passionately believe in providing evidence-based education in a friendly, professional and supportive manner.  As specialists in our fields, we provide teaching as part of our clinical roles. We follow the principles of being Educator Practitioners - we are working alongside our students and are learning with you. As changes happen, protocols develop. We implement the latest evidence-based guidance within our own practice and of those we teach. 

Above all, we care about our learners, and the people they care for. We prefer to teach smaller groups which encourages every delegate to feel comfortable to join in. This helps ensure learning is individualised. However with decades of experience in teaching, our trainers also have skills in speaking at national and international conferences, webinars and teaching in higher education settings. ​

Please do contact us if you would like to discuss your training needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

​Joanna, Cherry, Jane & Emma

Clinical Practice Educators

Providing Evidence-Based Practice with Care

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Kid Getting Vaccinated
Young Doctor
Travel Health Education

Making travel health plain sailing. 

Our experts help to simplify travel health care and provide training in areas such as:

  • Risk assessment

  • Preventative advice

  • Malaria protection

  • Country specific advice 

  • Adventure travel

  • Complex travellers care

Immunisation Training

Evidence-based, practical skills, techniques and learning.

As specialists we enjoy following  global vaccine development and changes in national policies and recommendations. 

We pride ourselves in  providing education from peer reviewed, published reference sources. 

Supporting NHS Care

Working with

Health Education England

We are honoured to provide training on behalf of local medical councils, universities and GP surgeries to support the high standards of care which the NHS offers.

We are proud to work within the NHS clinically.


Recent anonymous training feedback 

"Very engaging and helpful trainer, thank you."

"An excellent workshop, I gained a lot of new and very useful information. It has restored my confidence."

"Very relaxed informative session, delivered casually but very obviously knowledgeable, thank you."

"I must admit I find on-line training hard but I found this training day a lot better.

The subject matter was given in an enjoyable and interesting manner."

"Thank you, the course was full of information and easily explained, it was very helpful."

"Jo is an excellent teacher. So easy to follow and engaging well with the group."

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We are based in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Sussex & Dorset but teach across England and the United Kingdom.  We also provide training online and can travel to provide education globally. 

We hope to respond to you very quickly, but patient care and small loved ones keep us busy. Please do contact us and we will respond to you as soon as we possibly can.

Thank you for getting in touch.

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